Why we fight

BY Camille Etienne and Solal Moisan

Why we fight

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Documentary – available on TV5MONDEplus from April 5th 2023

Camille Etienne, french young climate activist, is sailing to Iceland with her two best friends. The plan is to see  climate change effects with their own eyes and film the melting of the ice capes.  On the way, they will battle the elements, but also this invisible enemy that hides deep inside our most intimate beliefs: denial, unconsciousness, fear and defeatism. Step by step, they will fight to speed up the global awareness on climate change. Their goal : get  a lucid optimism to rise again inside every one of us.


23 years old activist, Camille Etienne is the french face of this youth committed to the climate crisis. She is the echo of this “restless, conscious and indignant” generation. Her speech at the MEDEF summer school in 2020 as well as her video “Wake up” (signed under Avant l’Orage) put her under the spotlight. Since then, she has been invited on TV sets (Quotidien, C à vous, France Info….), medias (Le Monde, Libération, L’Obs, Les Inrocks, Brut…), radios (France Inter, Europe 1…), conferences (TedX…). Her message : put the climate and the social crisis, which cannot be addressed separately, the absolute paradigm through which we should take all of our decisions.

Solal Moisan started his career at «Et Bim» as post production director for Canal+ tv show « L’Effondrement », nominated at the Grammy Awards ; and “Cocovoit” for Comédie+ diffusé sur Comédie+. He is now focusing on writing and directing original piece. He directed “The Witcher” a video clip that gathered more than 1,6M views, and 10 short piece for the collective ON EST PRET (including “Imagine, on le fait”, 5M views on Facebook). Solal is also co-creator of Avant l’Orage.


  • DIRECTOR – Camille Etienne and Solal Moisan
  • SCRIPT – Camille Etienne and Solal Moisan
  • PRODUCTION – Echo Studio, Four Humans


Created in partnership with NGOs and experts in the climate crisis (Greenpeace, Alternatiba, Amis de la Terre, Oxfam, etc.), the impact campaign around « WHY WE FIGHT » will offer viewers the opportunity to act after every episodes to protect the living by protecting the ocean, fighting against the melting of the ice, finding responsible ways of transportation, fighting for social justice and reconnecting with nature.

Thanks to the large reach of this documentary series, we aim at creating a citizen movement and call out decision makers to take ambitious mesure in the fight against climate change and for social justice.