Impact campaigns


Welcome home

Created in partnership with the J’accueille association, the impact campaign invites the public to take concrete action by welcoming refugees into their homes for a few days or weeks, signing the manifesto for better reception conditions, or joining local initiatives across the country.


Parenthood is about to change

The impact of the film “The pod generation” lies in its ability to open up debates and spark reflection on tomorrow’s world and how we are building it in the face of the major challenges of parenthood in an age of eco-anxiety, scientific advances and major shifts in the world of work.


For life and biodiversity

The “Why we fight” impact campaign invites viewers to take action after each episode to protect the living world on key themes such as protecting the ocean, combating melting ice, responsible travel, fighting for social justice and marvelling at biodiversity.


For peace and living together

The impact campaign will be built hand-in-hand with associations working on the ground in France and Iraq, to implement coexistence and take part in reconstruction. It will invite the public affected by the film to get involved in a variety of ways: taking part in a series of round-table discussions, making a donation to the radio station, finding out more about free radio and raising awareness of coexistence.


Preserving the presumption of minority status

The “The Sheperd” impact campaign is based on director Émilie Frèche’s intention to change the conditions under which unaccompanied foreign minors are received. Indeed, under the International Convention on the Rights of the Child and the European Convention on Human Rights, the State must ensure the protection of every unaccompanied child entering French territory – and should guarantee them comprehensive care in terms of accommodation, schooling and health.


Declaring a water crisis

Although water is an essential commodity, today more than 2 billion people have no direct access to drinking water. This situation is getting worse every year, as water becomes scarcer and less safe due to climate change. Above Water is a documentary film that opens our eyes to the scale and urgency of the water crisis. It is also the starting point for an impact campaign that invites viewers to take concrete action to improve access to this life-sustaining resource.


Protect the whales

Created in collaboration with 4 associative partners, recognized players in the protection and preservation of marine life (IFAW, Project Rescue Ocean, Fondation de la Mer, Longitude 181), the “Whale nation” impact campaign links the lessons of the film with the threats currently facing whales and the marine ecosystem : plastic and noise pollution.


Changing the way we look at refugees

The mission of the Nadia film impact campaign is to provide viewers with the keys to action in response to Nadia Nadim’s inspiring story, the documentary and the issues it tackles, such as exile and its implications, the condition of women in Afghanistan, resilience and the integration of refugees. Take part in the fight by joining actions initiated all over the country to help refugees in concrete ways.