Increasing inequality, growing population, environmental destruction, repeated attacks on human rights defenders: the threats to our planet and our societies are becoming colossal and immobilism an impossible option.

Now is the time for commitment: everywhere in the world, men and women in search of meaning are devoting their energies to improving society and preserving the environment. This will to act translates into initiatives which shape our common future.

In this context, to raise awareness on the major challenges we are facing, moving pictures have an essential role to play. Echo Studio was created to respond to a public demand for more and more committed content and to a search for inspiring stories.


Echo Studio, an international studio specializing in the production and distribution of documentaries and fiction, in all formats (cinema, TV, e-cinema, web), offers content related to a new vision of the issues of the planet and our societies: human rights, environment, education, health …

Echo Studio is chaired by Jean-François Camilleri, former CEO of The Walt Disney Company France, and was founded in 2017 by Yves Darondeau and Emmanuel Priou (Bonne Pioche), Serge Hayat (Cinemage, Federation Entertainment). Philippe de Bourbon and Alliance Entreprendre are also partners.


Working with the best producers, directors, screenwriters, Echo Studio creates committed and engaging films based on strong and inspiring stories.

Echo Studio builds partnerships with NGOs and institutions that, every day, on the ground, advance these causes and the release of each Echo Studio film is part of a broader awareness and impact campaign (advocacy initiatives, programs educational, concerts, conferences, exhibitions, collaborative platforms, etc.).

The production and distribution of Echo Studio’s films is made possible by a unique combination of traditional film funding and the support of sponsors and sponsors who engage with Echo Studio and its more than ever necessary films.