On The Wandering Paths

BY Denis Imbert

On The Wandering Paths

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Feature Film – Theatrical release March 22nd 2023

A celebrated writer with a penchant for extreme experiences and solo treks, Pierre is a survivor of his own life. He has always done everything on his terms, when it suited him and with whom he chose, but anytime constraints threatened his freedom, he did what he does best: run away. One drunken evening, he climbs the facade of a building and falls several stories. The accident leaves him deep in a coma. When he emerges from it, Pierre is barely able to stand. And against everyone’s advice, he decides to hike all alone across France, from Provence to Mont Saint Michel, along forgotten trails through some of France’s roughest and most inhospitable and beautiful regions. Based on real events, this escape from the frantic world, is a story of fortitude, healing, resilience, and reconnection to nature and deep self.



Denis Imbert is a French screenwriter and director born in Limoges.

Assistant director from 1993 to 2010, Denis Imbert has signed several episodes of television series. Then two feature films as a director for the cinema: Vicky (2016) and Mystère (2020).

Forgotten Roads (2023) is his third feature film.


  • THEATRICAL RELEASE – 22 March 2023
  • DIRECTOR – Denis Imbert
  • SCRIPT – Denis Imbert & Diastème
  • CASTING – Jean Dujardin, Joséphine Japy, Izïa Higelin, Anny Duperey, Jonathan Zaccaï & Dylan Robert
  • PRODUCTION – Radar Films, Apollo Films & Echo Studio
  • DISTRIBUTION – Apollo Films & Echo Studio