Radio Al-Salam

BY Xavier de Lauzanne

Radio Al-Salam

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Feature Documentary – In cinemas on March 8th 2023

Part 2 of the trilogy Life after Daech

In the north of Iraq, six young journalists, Muslims, Christians and Yezidis, hold their microphones out to those who seek peace. They work for Al-Salam radio, one of the only free radios, without political or religious influences. Their programs aim to recreate links after years of war and divisions.




Born in Paris, Xavier de Lauzanne went to Hotel Management School before organizing hotel/hospitality training for disadvantaged youth in Martinique, Vietnam, and Cambodia. A film enthusiast, he purchased his first digital camera in 1999 and formally acquired training in filmmaking. Deeply touched by the people he encountered during his travels, he focuses on independent, socially-aware documentaries that are human-centered. Over the years, he has worked in Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, the Philippines, India, Iraqi, Syria, and France, directing short and feature-length documentary films for television and cinemas, as well as for release in theaters. His directorial credits include D’une seule voix (With One Voice) (2008), Enfants valises (2013) and more recently the successful feature documentary Les pépites (2016).


  • THEATRICAL RELEASE – 8 March 2023
  • DIRECTOR– Xavier de Lauzanne
  • SCRIPT – Xavier de Lauzanne and Caroline Malliart
  • PRODUCTION – Aloest Films and Echo Studio


Radio Al Salam is the perfect exemple to show that it is possible to create links and dialogue between different communities. The film is showing how real coexistence is organized and the impact it has on uprising solidarity. Because the radio was created as an act of building peace, and a laboratory of living together, the impact campaign created around the film will allow viewers to go further around the notion of coexistence and the place of the media in a peace process.

The campaign will be built hand in hand with associations working on the ground in France and Iraq, to ​​implement coexistence and take part in reconstruction. It will invite the public moved by the film to get involved through different means of action: participate in a cycle of round tables, make a donation to the radio, learn about free radio and raise awareness on coexistence…